Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tip top 
Tip top 
She strides confidently 
her eyes observing hungrily pride keeps her tall and stiff
because she is aware of her “ knowledgebility”but the reality of this world
shows itself in one or the other
and her steps falter
when a cloaked man steps in on her path of “invincibility”
“I know of you” she calls out arrogantly “you go by many names, oh bringer of misery”
the man in the dark cloak
stiffens and looks at her and whispers coldly “how arrogant how sad...
and such a claim that you bear! To say that “you 
 ”Comprehend me … “
A stiff smile curls her mouth In an attempt
 To cover up her hesitancy
“What a simpleton “She cries out loudly "To question my intellectuality"
The cloaked man loughs coldly
As if being used to such heroic claims.
“Arrogance is something you human richly posses “ he remarks smoothly 
“Come and I will show you the truth that your heart has been denied."
Without waiting for a response he grabs her roughly 
and declares boomingly “you shall sit here in trepedition while the truth is revealed piece by piece
And it will shatter you.
It will.
A fiery instinct of protectiveness drove her to screech and struggle 
Because the truth that he was speaking of 
Was now something that she would rather avoid
The truth represented ice. 
A glazier in the cold night It was hard and cold to touch but it was clear and sharp to the eye.
And true to its meaning It shattered her reality And showed her the starkness
Of things she tried so hard to bury.
“this is not real” she wanted to say
but the truth was cold and it was clear for the watcher.
Piece by piece, layer by layer, the truth was revealed And it strangled deep
Choking and nauseated
 Her mind reeled hard
from the magnitude of not comprehending the truth
“What say you ? “ the cloaked man asked quietly
Sniffling, broken and her eyes full of tears 
she looked at the face
 that she couldn’t see
 and she quietly replied 
“I don’t comprehend you”
the answer was the first truth to be uttered 
andit was broken 
just as its sayer.

Hamdi A M Hagi

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