Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The One

I asked him what he wanted He replied "you".
Going into descriptions of features he loved, as if he had a guarantee that they would forever bea
nd that somehow that would be enough to build a home
But he did not know me,  for he was blind to the soul of the body he desired
He was not interested in what this mind had to offer nor I in what his mouth had to offer
So I proceeded to draw him a mental picture of my heart's loveAnd I said
My better half would have a deep rooted love for his heritage intertwined with devotion to The Lord
He would be Dressed in humble mannerisms yet exude knowledge and wisdom
He would find good in people when others see empty shells
Bring comfort to loved ones far and near
Provide a reason for me to seek beyond what I see
He would be a proud and dutiful son capable of pouring purity into his child
A man worthy of being the "man of the house"
So as I concluded he thought that I was deluded to expect so much in a man
I had to let him know that I could never love a lesser man

Asha Ali
Copyright ©2012

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