Tuesday, January 29, 2013

October Tears

October Tears
would I be lying if I said,
it made me stronger
when I was confronted with my fears

should of known October was to come 
October Tears 
the days I lost my soul
but that was last year 
so its again funny 
how history repeats its self
or I'm I sure its been 
following me through here
hurting me day by day 

Ibliss I know you love these tears 
I keep crying to my self
oh how you whisper to my ears
I don't want to lose myself 
hate how it feels 
I cry to my Lord 

Mix state of mind 
there's no life to my eyes 
hate this life
sharp shinny things
used to appeal 
before they used to heal 
but I know it was stupid 

October Tears 
surly October thirteen 
should be different 
feeling a little different 
ready to get rid of this chronic pain 
I know its choking me once again
when I let the tears flow 
I just wish I could talk to someone 

but it hurts so much 
that you seem to come to 
me as your dearly companion 
and I just want you 
to leave me alone 

making supplication 
was the way to go
now you don't exist 
once again like a ghost 

October Tears 
I was confronted with so many fears 
I think I'm stronger. 

Idil Ahmed Mahamed 
Copyright © 2012

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