Monday, February 11, 2013

Desert Soul

Empty like clear glass,
trying to remember you
I wish I had the courage to hold on,
wishing those feelings would last,
but I feel sad that your end 
your feelings were the past,
so what I'm I gripping on to,
a walking desert soul
 with bitter tears to feed too.

I felt that you loved me,
but i know you buried that 
deep in a hole within you,
denying your true feelings 
and how i mean to you,
soon would my love die too?
I pray that it does,

I hope your wounds get healed,
and that the love we had is concealed,
we peeled at each others desert soul,
and let a flower group and grow
and our soul grew,
i want to truly feel the saying 
"Let Go,Let God"
over the horizon blue sky,
tears of a grey cloud,
the Lord works in miraculous ways,
I know you whispered you loved me. 

and I know it hurts you cant have me
and I cant have you
so my tears go in the palm of my hands
that's where my love would go
crying please Lord heal this broken heart.
help me to forget, help me to let go.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright © 2013

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