Monday, February 18, 2013

Thoughts of the Wife to Be

As I have this intimate intercouse with the pen
The page gets stained as my thoughts is filled
with her face n ever so quickly the pace of my breath begins to race.

I stop for a minute
I think about her if she is thinking about me
I thinking about her like the keys think about unlocking the locks
Thinking about her like arms think about folding
Thinking about her like hands think about holding
Thinking about her like............

Brains think about thinking.

Its quiet evident she drives me cracy
but then again she makes me sane.
Some people wonder with my furious jelousy
but if only they knew wat i know.
The night gets jelous of the day
for the light of the day brightens her gourgeus face
and the day gets jelous of the night
for in the depth of the dark the night rocks her to sleep
and gives her beatifull dreams.

Thoughts of the wife to be mingling with in me so deep
Thinking about her like cripples think about standing
Am thinking about right now to stand up and go find her
look deep in her eyes and tell her "you are the extension of my mind"
and watch her smile, reveal those bright white teeth n give her quick kiss on her for head.

She has no clue of the truth
She has no idea of the reality
She dosent have the slightest idea
The truth of how beatiful she is
The reality of how she defines beauty
The sligtest idea of how unique she is.

She opens the gates behind where my words hide
Like a flood over taking the land, tongue begins to vibrate
Begins to engulf her with praise.
How could she be replaced??
Like a mustard seed with in me she was placed
Her voice watered seed and this is how i begun to feel.

She is the green garden of life with in me
She is the world i Live in, for in her eyes i see the world
When my eyes gaze at the world i see her every where and in every one
She is the question of my life, asking me what makes me complete and simultaneosly
She is the answer with in the question for she makes me whole.

She makes the best of them All look bad
She makes the beauty its self envy her
She makes me meditate n the earth quakes when i am IN HER.........presence

As I write these
Thoughts of the wife to be sweep with in me
The spread of her cheeks
The facianting dimples

She makes the time on my watch worth while
For there is no time where by she is not in my mind
If the 7 billion lives under the 7 skies were to get together
and they tried to find as to the reason why thoughts of she are constnalty with in me
The answer would be.........She souls bliss the exact version of me encarved by Allah as a female
she is the wife to be..the other half my deen

Wardi Ibn AbdulWahab
Copyright © 2013

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