Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Deepest Thoughts

State of the majority of the mass public around the globe
is such that; fancy cloths are covering the bodies
which store empty souls.
In the prison of greed the minds have been closed
behind the bars of materialism

I sit back and look around me,
cant help but to notice the daily occurance of homicide;
the murder of intelligence through the massacare
and assasination of those who act as catalyst for critical thinking
such as Malik Haji el-shabaz and Mahatma Ghandi.
The fire of hollywood burning up the forest of intellectuality.
I breath the air of an era in which I am witnessing the extinction of free thinkers. 

The people dont seem mind
the destruction of the nature 
this becouse the minds of the people
have been destroyed.
The water is contaminated by fluorine 
Traces of barium got the air we breath spoiled
Sadness and fear has made the hearts void. 
the truth is what the people avoid 

In the depth of the night, some times i ask my self
how can i sleep in peace while at the same instant
in a different land there is a father who is wathcing his son die
becouse for so many week the child did not eat.
How can i sleep while at the same time in a different land
there is a mother who cries becouse she is watching her daughter bleed. 

My thoughts run deep like a mystique sea. 
with the eyes of my mind i explore the world
from all angles and i observe that the
nations are crippled with broken ankles
Nations have become weak becouse the good
in them has been strangled. 

The teenagers & children worrying
about the matters of Adult hood
The adults cearless about the matters of life
such us building up a morally fit society
hence the children have become irresponsible semi-adults
while the adults have become meek & afraid as if they were children. 

The story of yesterday has been forgotten
becouse the symbol of freedom in todays world
is America yet the white house was built by black slaves. 
The history of yesterday has been erased
becouse the symbol of supreme civilasation and inventions
in todays world is Europe yet homosexuality was first found in greece
women were burnt as witches in England and the vikings of scandinavia 
were drinking human blood in human skulls. 

The story of today is confusing
for been poor is a crime. Walkin
almost naked in public is what women take in pride
All the world leaders are deceptive and full of lies
all the gold is in Africa yet Africa is the poores continent.
The story of today is confusing for if u are good
people see u as eveil and if u are evil people see u as good
The story of today is confusing for some leave on the streets
while some live in houses with ten rooms. Some eat the skin of rats
while others throw food away. 

What can I say about the future ofpeople who 
have forgotten their past and their present is confused??

I can only quote the words of Allah azza wajjal "BY TIME. VERILY MANKIND IS IN A LOSS"

My only question which remains is
how many people think like this?
I recall the quote "dont worry about 
what people think of you for not many even think"

Its sad to see that humanity
comes together only in teh time of calamity
Its even more sad to see the nation of Muhammad 
(peace and the salutations of Allah be upon him)
have abandoned their duty, thrown away their honour &
have decided to stop thinking hence they have broken their connection 
with Allah azza wajjal. 

So who am i to tell u this?? 
Am just some one who
the devil is tryna put on crucifixion 
Am just some1 who bow downs to Allah azza wajjal
so i brake through time and space and am not held 
by man made restrictions.
Am the one who sees death 
reality and life as fiction.
Am the one who aims for paradise 
so i settle for nothing less than distinction. 
If they as u who am i and they ask for my description 
Tell them I am dark skinned Muslim whos from the continent of the Egyptians. 

Wake up and free your mind from mental slavery
liberate your soul from desires.
Change the world by changing your self
and helping the other to change.

Wardi Ibn AbdulWahab
Copyright © 2013

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