Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Strong like Somalia -- Poet of the Week -- Sindiya Darman

They said that we are fallen and that our legs will never stand
A handicap nation that became beggars
A misfortunate story to tell the other nations
Be good or you will be like Somalia
Never be like Somalia

For years even we believed the bedtime story of a nation that can’t get up
We should hold our heads down and apply for new citizenship
Have children with other nations because we do not have one
Somalia would become like Atlantis
Another civilization that has disappeared so that only historians remember their language
Never be like Somalia

Yet, we are not like other people
We are used to hardship and tragedies
Of near death and recovery
We have faith in Allah that death is not for us to choose
So the death of a nation is the will of Allah and not some news reporter to say
We have real faith that never breaks and it is as strong as diamonds
Strong like Somalia

We are nation of poets that is true
But we are also a nation of warriors
Warriors do not give up
Warriors go into battle with no fear and faith as a shield
Today the world has seen Somalia the fallen warrior to spit blood on the floor
Wipe her tears and rise again with shaking legs
Rise and hear a million voices cheering her on

She grins and waves the blue flag
Everyone screams Alhamdulillah
Strong like Somalia
Be like Somalia
Fall but always get up  

Sindiya Darman
Copyright © 2013

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