Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Think Like a Warrior

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Promise me one thing. Promise that you will learn how to think like a warrior. Many people didn't succeed not because they were not smart, but they didn’t fight hard enough.

If you want anything in this life than you must think like a warrior.

You must never give up. You must be strong. But you must be willing to try and to try again even if you fail. Life is not like a science test that you only get one chance to pass or fail. School and Life are not the same.  Life is more like sports or games. You can fail but you must try again to win.

You must get ready and train. Yes, I know your family always tells you to go to school. You are already doing that. But getting ready and training is only the first part. After you train then you have to go and get your goal.

No one will give it to you on graduation day. Now after you finish training then you must go and get it. The only way that you can win on this journey of life is to think like a warrior.

Train- Go to school and the gym. The mind and body need to exercise
Make a plan- Yes, you need a plan, but luckily, you can check Google.
Make a map- Yes, write down the best way to get there
Get advice- Ask people who have done it and ask them questions
Find good back up- Support is important, so marry someone who has your back, not one who stabs you in the back
Try and Try again- Fall but get back up
Enemies- Don’t let your enemies know your weaknesses. Never let them see you sweat. Do not let them make you lose your way. Pick your battles.
Make a new map- Sometimes things happen so you must be willing to find a new way to get what you want. Do not be stubborn. Look for a new way.

Remember this and never forget the most important and most deadly enemy that you will ever have will not be someone else.

It will be you.

You will be your worst enemy. You know that voice that says that you can’t do it. That voice is the one that you must fight against. Do not lose just because you defeated yourself. At least let someone else defeat you. Don’t let it be you.

So brother and sister promise me to always think like a warrior.  

Love Always,

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