Monday, April 29, 2013

Chasing Innocence

When I see children,
I see no dirt, no stain, no spot of sin,
just radiating beauty from within.
I see summer in their eyes,
while we freeze with our feet on ice.
No greed, no strife,
pollutes their young lives.
When they smile so wide, so bright,
it’s only out of genuine delight,
Their imagination takes them places,
places I haven’t been to in ages.
I wish they would forever have those views,
never know evil,
never have a clue,
live in a world where the good guys win and fairytales come true.

I tried to reclaim my innocence,
but unlike knowledge, it can’t be learnt or forgotten,
it’s absence is engraved in my conscience..

So instead I shed tears for the child, who’s never had a childhood,
whose rise and dawn is like armageddon,
who’s innocent, yet carries weapons.

I chase innocence,
so my children won’t someday be the product of our own custom made evil,
I chase innocence so that lust can be replaced by trust,
I chase innocence so that one day I can see the world through a childs eyes again,
and it won’t be my imagination.

Arwa Abdulkadir Mohamud Yusuf 
Copyright © 2013

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