Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Ode to my unborn daughter

It is wishful thinking on my part, 
but I pray my words are irrelevant in your times,
I pray you find them nothing more than a reflection of the yesteryears, 
nothing more than a picture of how things were in your mother's time, 
but the evident reality is, 
you too shall face the same obstacles;

You will come across men arguing, 
their feets will be firm on the ground as they face one another, 
and you my darling are the subject of their debate, 

They are fixated on the nature of your body, 
of its value in society
both belittle the essence of your humanity, 
proclaiming that you are nothing more than a sexual object, 
either to be kept in a dim room or be publicly paraded;

Dear daughter, tell them, 
God created you with far more than just physical attributes, 
tell them that you serve God 
and not the sexual fantasies of men, 
that even as you cover, 
you do so for the love of God, 
and not for men.

Abukar Mohamed
Copyright © 2013

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