Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Daily to hear, DN reporting,
Them in Parliament, them discussing,
Their welfare,ours not considering,
Shh! they are listening, no talking,
they are reading,names no mentioning.
They campaigning with determination,
Voices raised as ifwith vision,
Reality, all but a question,
Coz, all said, ease no dedication.
They pennyless, why you millionaire,
They homeless, why you in a bungalow,
They poor, why you away for tour,
Why the inhumanity, why on earth inequality.
Why mama, no milk, can't breastfeed,
Why papa, hands swollen,can't remove weed,
Why aunty, on Tana Road, can't affordbread,
Why granny, mad at home, lonely left for the dead,
Why everyone silent, why the greed,
Why, why turn their basic into your tertiary need.
For a single reason,
Now need say my curse,
With amen in unison,
O Lord! my plea, my verse...
O Lord!, my prayer, make them shed a tear,
O Lord!, my prayer, make their bellies disfigure,
O Lord!, my prayer, deny them worldly pleasure,
For they seem not care, burnthem in hellfire.

Hudhaifah Siyad
Copyright © 2013

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