Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sincere Heart

"If a heart becomes attached to other than Allah, Allah makes him dependent on what he is attached to and he will be betrayed by it." {Ibn al-Qayyim}

No doubt at times we find it difficult to be upright and resist our bad habits. Struggle for the sake of Allah, for verily Allah will only increase you in ranks. Don’t be those who come short when Allah strikes means of hardship. Don’t be forgetful of Allah for verily His ever heedful of you.

Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried?” {29:2}

Many amongst us neglect the blessing of Allah for lustful desires and arrogantly fail our obligation as Muslim for worldly materials that won’t even save one from death. What good comes from this world when one abandons the speech of Allah? Verily Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most merciful.

Truly we all will be bought to account for what we did openly and secretly. Let’s not be those who gather themselves with that which Allah hates. Let’s be those who gather themselves with that which Allah loves. Let’s be a reason for good!

“What pleasure is this world when all it contains are means to taste whether you are amongst those who are grateful or ungrateful.”

It is reported that when Al-Hasan Al-Basrî was on his deathbed, some of his companions came to him and said:

O Abû Sa’îd, offer us some words you can benefit us with. He replied, “I will equip you with three words, then you must leave me to face what I am facing. Be the farthest of people from those things you have been forbidden, and be the most involved of people in the good you have been commanded to do; and know that the steps you take are two steps: a step in your favour and a step against you, so be careful where you come and where you go.”

Abû Na’yam, Hilyah Al-Awliyâ` 2:154

Ahmed Abu Mohamed
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