Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I sat down today, and thought of what I am truly feeling, 
I said I am black but I felt doubt 
I said I am black but I did not say it out loud
I said I am black, but I did not have much fight in me
 You know Black Panthers shit, I didn’t have much pride in me.

I said I am black but I feel out of place, and I guess it is because I am black. I feel as if I am from a dying race.Whenever I speak about being black, why do you get nervous? I try to explain myself but you tell me stop being aggressive and when I calm down I’m sorry am I being depressive… I don’t think you understand me.. I don’t think you ever will,
We are the kings and queens from empires and castles and clans
But to you we are the unknown, the lost souls, and the drifters of the western world. Far away from home

For those UNCLE TOMS and Bounty's who want to be of the other….
Take hold of your roots because you will never be another colour! 
So take care of each other, and don’t sell out or kill your other brother! 

I look at Malcolm and Martin and say your message did not reach us,
Your message that you gave to our community did not lead us. Rosa park, stayed down so we can have our head up, I am fed up of this political mess up! 
How can we have faith in a dead system, with leaders and presidents with no hearts who give powers to men who are not from the struggle?
I shed a tear for those behind bars in courts at this moment, whose lives are in the hands of men who think they own it. I pray to GOD that we are forgiven and to those who are innocent justice is given.. 

On that note, 

I am black, and I won’t be my own barrier 
I am black and I won't be another statistic of failure
I am black, and I am aware that I have to put in more effort
I shall sweat, i shall bleed i shall suffer if i must so the next generation can walk calmly amongst others

Without worrying to be killed, harassed or abused, to be called names or to be treated any different due to the colour of their skin.
I am sorry Uncle TOM but when you walked and tried to please ‘the other’ you let your own people suffer. Instead of educating and helping them to rise, you got greedy and brain washed her, and that's when she became Miss bounty. You wanted to prove yourself but didn’t give a fuck about ‘the others’.  You told her to look normal and acceptable and so she almost killed herself every night to try and look like them.
Black is beautiful, being you is just as normal, learn to be comfortable, it’s a shame that people are scared of being comfortable and they feel uncomfortable whenever their feeling comfortable.

Your brother realized just how messed up you become, and he realized that poor bounty isn’t so strong. He stood up and taught the people how it really should be, your brother Marcus Garvey set up businesses that the world would come and see! So many people where inspired by him…
Always remember that we are incredible and everything we do is unimaginable. We should let go of our fears and give into our vision, 

Sofie Omar
Copyright © 2013

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