Monday, October 7, 2013

The Making of Me

It was a normal afternoon
And I was scrolling down Facebook
Statuses coiled up with rants
Started popping up
You know, the same old
Then there was one with a ‘sister’
Kneeling down, feeding a dirty old man
With a sign that said ‘ homeless, need food.’

You know, the same old
Signs you see, scrolling down Hasting
But, the picture itself was
Kind off

I mean, technically speaking
I was supposed to see
The woman with large “ S-sign’
While, I awed ‘ a wonderful women’
Don’t get me wrong, I think it was nice
But, Why?
Why was this in a social media sight?
Did she request it?

It was like when I see those
African missionary work
“ Amazing grace , how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found “

Is pounded into our eardrums
And the face of my long lost cousins
Appears, cover, coded with
The soft dust of the Mogdishu

But, the smiles of thousand
Of the children of Jammah
Playing Dumnad
Is like an unheard moment
Never captured in history

So, I continued to ask myself why
Why do we find a must to throw 25 cents
But are unable to give a simple hello
Why are we able to talk about ‘ revolutionizing’
But are unable to stop the judgments
That have released bombs
In our word
Since, the falling of Adam and Eve
Destroying the last seed of humanity

The dust of whys
Began polluting my brain
And I was in need of
Eco-friendly environment
Of answers

And God heard my cry
And send John
A nice old man
With a smile
That made the sun shine

And he simply looked at me
And said’ what do you think?”
At first I thought, huh
What do you think?
Of what?

So, I went on a tangent
And said
I think the sky looks better with that pinkish color
I think the heart is really an oval shape
I think wars were really fought with light-beams
I think the wind dancing forms the best beat
I think…
And before I was going to complete that answer
He looked at me
And said no
And his deep blue eyes
Glared right into me
And he said ‘ what do you think of love ?’
That was the moment, I found my answer
‘ I think, we don’t know what love is”

Hannah Ali
Copyright © 2013

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