Monday, October 7, 2013

Wind of Somalia

I see the grass bowing down 
The air has cleared 
The smoke of 20 years has gone 
Eyes that were blind can now see again 
The tricks of the lying hyena 
The web of deceit spun by the spider 
Everything is made clear
The trees are shaking 
The shadows do not want to be relieved
They are scared 
Shouting for everyone not to look
Turn away from Somalia
Go away
Afraid that the world will see the blue diamond under the ashes 
But the wind is picking up 
The ashes are falling away 
It is happening 
Don't you know that it is Impossible to stop the wind
So shake with fear 
Cry a tear or two
But you can't stop it 
Lady Somalia has woken up 
She needs help to stand 
Until she finds her strength once more 
You can't stop the wind

Sindiya Darman
Copyright © 2013

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