Monday, October 7, 2013

Where Hearts Are Remade

He scatters you with trials that seems to make you drown
Even if you migrate to Chinatown
By any means the struggle is never to make you frown
For He loves you more than your Umm, you know better don’t be a clown

For He’s Al-Waduud, an incomparable love only from Him
Above He’s love fills your emptiness like a perfect matching gloveNo matter how hard
His tests shove His ever waiting for you to raise your hands to Him above 

You see the tears He made you shed
And the pain He made your heart bled
His wisdom was never to make you dread
But to enlighten this dunyah is not for you, and triumph is what lays ahead 

But many of us Is this fleeting world we choose Though we know it’s a vanishing magic cruise 
Yet we run after it for all the disappointing bruise
 The attachment of this play will make your heart loose

For I swear By all His beautiful names, Only through Him is where shattered hearts in victory exclaims
It’s a reality! Don’t think I am playing your mind any games
Through ALLAH-The Almighty is where broken, hopeless, fearful, saddened hearts in peace reclaims

When the thunder of calamity strikes, 
Where you find all the mountains of the world assemble to your chest
To crush you , to make you drop tears of rain
And everywhere you placed hope is gone with the wind
Remember in Allah Alone is where HEARTS ARE REMADE
He strikes you to polish your soul what a beautiful trade
He rebuilds you over and over no matter how many times you strayed
Pure HEART HE seeks, hereafter is the heart that is weighed 

You see ALL the struggles HE put you through is the road to lead you to HIM
so only through Him your heart is beautifully remade 

Zahra Hussein Ali
Copyright © 2013

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