Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am a warrior

You fooled my heart
Never kissed my face
Never held my hand
Never looked at me with a smile
Like a mother should
Like an angel should

Without any care
Only instructions
Was what you gave me
You shoved me aside
Like a broken glass
Like I never mattered

Maybe I should never have met you
You inspected me and judged me
Like you were in a court
Like it was illegal I was alive

The scars you gave me
Comes back and tyrannize me
Snatching the little happiness I get
Like I don’t deserve to be here
Like I don’t deserve to be loved

Trying to forget but
You pull me down
And make kneel
Like I am wicked
Like I am vicious

Tired of you scaring me
Tired of you catching up with me
You only let me down
Won’t allow me to move on

I will fight back
I will fight with the darkness
Like I have never been hurt
Like I have never been broken
Like I have never been wounded
I am a warrior

Nasteha Liban
Copyright © 2013

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