Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Now a golden petal, 
Just look at who I have become. 
I'd like to believe I am true, strong and loving. 
As a woman, I have achieved much.
The first being deflecting the sun. 
Can I be unfolded, deciphered or even understood? 
An ember in my day, I saw inspirational women as vibrant and as electric as a earthquakes heartbeat.
Nevertheless, under a constant cover of fireflies, and thick air, did you know my heart can still shine brighter than a kaleidoscope recurring dream? 
That I am a boomerang, 
flung into this eccentric life with colour and pace?
Though quietly observant, inside I scathingly search for intelligent conversation with other flowers. Even wallflowers. 
So, if I live in a world of fear, 
May I be brave!
Let me kindly ask for someone to be my eyes when I cannot see and hold my head up when I cannot glide. 
Be the flower my springtime  requests and the snow my winter dreams of. 
Like a dandelion petal, I float, searching for a delicate soul with a colourful spirit who is able to grow accordingly. 
For we all know flowers represent the secrets of hard graft. 
So please may there be fields of gold, daffodils, tulips and of course roses....
If this life is full of grievances, 
surely we will overcome through the beauty of nature.
Let us speak in old English, 
Laugh and be merry, 
And forever see the sparks in others eyes.
Let the sun burn our skin and let water devour us. 
Let us look up to those with loving hearts and decipher our inner Kings and Queens. 
No doubt flailing flowers taught us how to pray, 
And as we grew those flowers changed. 
But as small as gardeners look to trees as they blossom, 
Our parents are becoming overshadowed by branches. 
Day by day, we bloom into computers and books who think we know more than the hands that raised us. 
We forget that like flowers, without rain and sun, we did not grow without effort and care. 
We are petals, soon ready to fall away, but together we are a beautiful gift. 

Idman Omar 
Copyright © 2013

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