Sunday, June 7, 2009

Without You

This poem is dedicated to the Osman Sisters(Hoyo Hodan, Hoyo Hawa, and Hoyo Amina Osman) for being the wonderful and strong women they are.

Without you, I wouldn’t be what I am

Without you, I wouldn’t survive all the obstacles that I have been through.

Without you, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Without you, I wouldn’t return alive from the war.

Without you, I would’ve been just another orphan, lonely and helpless.

Without you, I would be unprotected from all the harm that came my way.

Without you, I would have shattered into a million pieces.

Without you, I doubt, if I could make it this far….

With you, it was always safe

With you, it’s always been like heaven and you are my angel.

I always knew deep inside that almost nothing could ever upset me in your presence.

You were my comfort, hope and everything.

You were there for me, when no one else was.

Without you, I was nothing.

With you, I was complete.

Hoyo* is a somali word for mom*
Copyright ©2006
Halima Ahmed

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