Friday, April 30, 2010

A poem by Arwa

We've all been through a lot,
we all have uncles, mothers, brothers that died and what not,
We've all felt what suffering means,
we all felt that pain that pinches you're heart like some twisted disease,
We've all tried to make it better in some way,
we all dream for better days,
There's a word for all these emotions,
but can any of you really explain the feeling,
that feeling that knows no healing,
the frustration you perceive when you're away from home and you're mother is sad,
the pain you feel when there's nothing you can do to help you're mum and dad,
the disappointment in yourself when you feel you could've done better in the past,
done something to assure that this condition you're in wont last,
there's no word for what I'm feeling,
no one deserves a mother like mine,
even I am not worthy of her at times,
my mother never wants us to know about her aches and pain,
all she wants, hopes and prays is that her children will ultimately gain,
and for all she does everyday,
I cherish her and wish her jannah on the judgmentday,
the bond I share with my mother since the day I was born,
has today grown so much stronger and will surely never be torn,
words cannot express what I feel today.

Arwa Abdulkadir Mohamud
Copyright © 2010

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